Rishabh Pant IPL performance: Overview of Pant’s career

Rishabh Pant was born in Uttarakhand on the 4th of October 1997. He is an Indian international cricket player who plays for the Indian Cricket team as a wicket-keeper-batter. He is well known for his consistency of scoring runs. He is considered to be one of the best wicket-keeper-batters in the IPL. He has made a huge impact by captaining his domestic team during the IPL at such a young age, becoming a role-model for the Indian youths. In this article, we look at Rishabh Pant IPL performance and overview of his career.

Brief overview of Rishabh Pant’s Career

Rishabh Pant started his cricket training at Sonnet Cricket Academy in Delhi when he attained the age of 12 and was taught and coached by Tarak Sinha. Sinha suggested Pant to move to Rajasthan to participate in under 13 and under 15 cricket but to no avail. Pant’s turning point came when he was playing an under 19 match for Delhi against Assam.

Pant had top-scored with 35 in his first innings and hit 150 in his second which was the most important knock in his career. During the 2016 under 19 cricket World Cup, he managed to hit an 18-ball fifty which was the fastest at his level.

Early Rishabh Pant IPL Career

Rishabh made his debut in the IPL in 2016 after he was purchased by the Delhi Daredevils and went on becoming the captain of the team and later purchased by the Delhi Capitals and since has scored a total of 2856 runs for the team with a strike rate of over 147. As of now, Rishabh Pant IPL 2024 price is worth over Rs 16 crore on his contract with the Delhi Capitals.

Rishabh Pant IPL through the years

Rishabh Pant IPL team initial debut began in 2016, playing for the Delhi Daredevils and later on in 2019 he began his debut for Delhi Capitals until today.

Rishabh Pant IPL batting stats

Below is table as per the reports as of April 9, 2024.


Seasons Team Matches Runs
2016 Delhi Daredevils 10 198
2017 Delhi Daredevils 14 366
2018 Delhi Daredevils 14 684
2019 Delhi Capitals 16 488
2020 Delhi Capitals 14 343
2021 Delhi Capitals 16 419
2022 Delhi Capitals 14 340
2024 Delhi Capitals 5 153


Pant’s Evolution as a Player

Right from a young age, Pant has shown love for the sport. He was also guided by his mentor who has played a major role in his career leading to him debuting in the IPL and even the international team. Fans can really see his evolution over the years, comparing his first debut for the Delhi Daredevils in 2016 with a total of 198 runs in 10 games whereas Rishabh Pant IPL 2024 runs of 153 for the Delhi Capitals in just five games.

Pant has truly come far on his journey in the game from playing for the under 15 to playing for the international Indian team in the Cricket World Cup. Now, is Rishabh Pant playing IPL 2024? Yes, the left handed batter is playing as the captain of his team.

To further understand Rishabh Pant’s Overall performance in his debuts, it is important to go over the statistical aspects of the matches he played in his career, so we could have a better understanding and could make logical judgements.

Pant Batting Records and Averages

To judge Rishabh Pant’s batting skills, it is necessary that we compare his performance in the field over the years so we can make our own judgment of his improve or places Rishabh Pant would need to polish or need to make minor or major adjustments on.

Mentioned below are Rishabh Pant’s batting stats:


Year MAT Runs HS AVG SR 100
Career 103 2991 128 34.38 148.29 1
2024 5 153 55 30.60 154.55 0
2022 14 340 44 30.91 151.79 0
2021 16 419 58 34.91 128.52 0
2020 14 343 56 31.18 113.95 0
2019 16 488 78 37.53 162.66 0
2018 14 684 128 52.61 173.60 1
2017 14 366 97 26.14 165.61 0
2016 10 198 69 24.75 130.26 0


Pant wicketkeeping stats

Rishabh Pant is one of the best wicketkeeper batters in IPL 2024, right behind the legendary MS Dhoni. The left-handed batter has a total of 68 catches behind the wickets and 19 stumpings to his name. In IPL 2024, he has 4 catches and has managed 1 stumping so far.

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