Most unsuccessful team in IPL history

The IPL has been running for about 16 seasons and keeps getting bigger. Out of 15 teams that have played in the league, only 10 are active now. Some of these active teams have been in the IPL since the start but haven’t won any trophies yet. Despite having a lot of fans, these teams haven’t won many matches, placing them among the most unsuccessful team in IPL history.

One of the currently active teams with the lowest win percentage is Delhi Capitals. They could be seen as the most unsuccessful team in IPL, but this might change if they perform better in upcoming seasons. In this article, we look at the worst-performing teams in the IPL based on their win percentages.

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This article provides a list of the least successful teams in IPL history, ranked by their win percentages in the league. We also look at the best IPL team. The data in this article is taken after the 2023 season.





Win %

Delhi Capitals





Punjab Kings





Sunrisers Hyderabad





Royal Challengers Bangalore





Rajasthan Royals





Kolkata Knight Riders





Mumbai Indians





Lucknow Super Giants





Chennai Super Kings





Gujarat Titans





  • Delhi Capitals remains the most unsuccessful team in IPL history with a win rate of just 44.11%

  • Punjab Kings are second in the list, managing a 44.82% win rate

  • Teams like Gujarat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants are only two seasons old. Thus their stats vary significantly to the rest of the eight teams.

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Unsuccessful team in IPL 2024

With the league around the corner, the list of unsuccessful teams in IPL 2024 is something that many fans have been eager to learn about. While the table above represent each of the currently active franchise’s respective stats, we delve into each team’s brief history of wins and losses.

Delhi Capitals

With a win percentage of just 44.11, Delhi Capitals is at the top of the list of most unsuccessful teams in IPL history. Despite having stars like David Warner, AB de Villiers, Andre Russell, and others, they have never won a title. However, in recent years, the team has shown improvement. They remain one of the worst teams in IPL.

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Punjab Kings

Punjab Kings is in second place with a 44.82% win rate. They started strong in the first IPL season in 2008 but lost their momentum in later seasons. Their best season was in 2014 when they had a win rate of 77%. However, they have only qualified for the playoffs once in 14 seasons. They have not been able to attract the best local talent and their heir foreign players have also not made a significant impact.

Sunrisers Hyderabad

SRH entered the IPL scene in 2013 and quickly gained a strong fan following. They started off strong, winning the title in 2016 by beating the Royal Challengers Bangalore. However, their performance has declined since then, with their overall win percentage dropping to 46.98. In the 2021 season, they lost 11 out of 14 matches, making it their worst season yet.

Royal Challenger’s Bangalore

Despite having star players like Virat Kohli and Glenn Maxwell, RCB has a win rate of only 47.30%. They are known for their strong batting lineup but have struggled with their Indian bowling options. This has led to them losing matches towards the end of the league, earning them the reputation of being IPL chokers. RCB has qualified for the playoffs five times and reached the finals three times but has not won any trophies.

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Rajasthan Royals

Rajasthan Royals is the fifth unsuccessful team in IPL, despite a strong start to their journey. They clinched the inaugural title in 2008 under the captaincy of Shane Warne, but haven’t been able to match that success since. Their performance has been average overall, struggling with consistency due to frequent lineup changes. Their current win percentage stands at 49.02.

Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight Riders had a successful run in the IPL, making it to the playoffs four times and reaching the finals three times (in 2012, 2014, and 2021). They secured two IPL titles (in 2012 and 2014) under the captaincy of Gautam Gambhir. KKR maintained a strong win rate of 50 percent in the IPL and consistently finished in the top positions on the table, usually ranking 3rd, 4th, or 5th.

Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians are one of the most successful teams in IPL history, boasting a 55% win rate and the most appearances in IPL Finals. They’ve been consistently strong in almost every IPL season except for 2022, where they finished 10th, their worst position ever in IPL history. Despite this, Mumbai has usually maintained a winning rate of over 50%, making them one of the top teams in the IPL due to their consistent performances.

Lucknow Super Giants

Lucknow Super Giants joined the IPL in 2022 and impressed everyone with their performance, surpassing fan expectations. They finished third on the table, which was considered a remarkable feat for a team making its debut. With a 56.66% win rate, LSG has had a fantastic first two seasons to become one of the best team of IPL.

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Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings went through their toughest time in IPL 2022, achieving their lowest win percentage in their history. They only won 4 out of 14 matches, which remains their lowest to date. Since 2008, Chennai has maintained a win percentage of over 55% in nearly every season. Overall, CSK has a 58.22% win percentage in the IPL, ranking them among the most successful IPL team with the highest win rates.

Gujarat Titans

Gujarat Titans stunned IPL fans following their dream debut run in the IPL 2022. They were able to register a remarkable 75% win rate. This remains the highest success rate among debut teams in IPL history. Their outstanding performance made their first season memorable for their fans, making them the best IPL team.

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Most unsuccessful team in IPL from 2008 to 2024

2008 – Hyderabad Deccan Chargers Hyderabad Deccan Chargers, led by V.V.S Laxman, won only 2 out of 14 games in the inaugural IPL season despite having a strong team with both foreign and domestic players.

2009 – Kolkata Knight Riders Kolkata Knight Riders, who finished last in the previous season, won only 3 out of 14 games in IPL 2009, making them the least successful team that year.

2010 – Kings XI Punjab/Punjab Kings After finishing last in the previous season, Punjab Kings won only 4 out of 14 games in IPL 2010, placing them at the bottom for most of the tournament.

2011 – Delhi Daredevils/Delhi Capitals Delhi Capitals, yet to win an IPL title, won only 4 out of 14 games in IPL 2011, leading to them being labeled as one of the most unsuccessful teams that year.

2012 – Pune Warriors India In a season with 9 teams, Pune Warriors India, the newest team, won only 4 out of 16 games and failed to win any of their last 9 league games.

2013 – Delhi Daredevils/Delhi Capitals Delhi Capitals remained at the bottom of the points table throughout IPL 2013, losing 13 out of 16 games and being considered the worst team that year.

2014 – Delhi Daredevils/Delhi Capitals Delhi Capitals had their worst season in IPL 2014, winning only 2 out of 14 games, which was even worse than their previous season.

2015 – Punjab Kings Punjab Kings, despite having top players, won only 3 out of 14 games in IPL 2015, disappointing fans and finishing last.

2016 – Punjab Kings After a poor performance in IPL 2015, Punjab Kings won only 4 out of 14 games in IPL 2016, leading to them being considered one of the worst teams in the league.

2017 – Royal Challengers Bangalore Royal Challengers Bangalore, despite having a strong team, won only 3 out of 14 games in IPL 2017, ending at the bottom of the table.

2018 – Delhi Capitals Delhi Capitals finished last for the fourth time in IPL 2018, winning only 5 out of 14 games, a record for a team with 5 wins to finish last.

2019 – Royal Challengers Bangalore Royal Challengers Bangalore won only 5 out of 14 games in IPL 2019, disappointing fans and experts with their average performance.

2020 – Rajasthan Royals Rajasthan Royals won 6 out of 14 games in IPL 2020 but still finished last due to losing some close matches.

2021 – Sunrisers Hyderabad Sunrisers Hyderabad, despite being underrated, won only 3 out of 14 games in IPL 2021, finishing at the bottom of the table.

2022 – Mumbai Indians Mumbai Indians, one of the most powerful team in IPL, won only 4 out of 14 games in IPL 2022, their worst performance in the league.

2023 – Sunrisers Hyderabad Sunrisers Hyderabad continued to disappoint in IPL 2023. They won only 4 out of 14 games, making them one of the most successful IPL teams again.

2024 – The IPL 2024 most unsuccessful team is yet to be determined, as the league has not yet kicked off.

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IPL 2024 winner prediction

As the IPL 2024 season approaches, speculation is rife about which team will emerge victorious. While the unpredictability of T20 cricket makes it challenging to make precise predictions, several factors point towards certain teams being strong contenders for the title. One of the teams to watch out for is Mumbai Indians.

Despite a disappointing performance in IPL 2022, where they finished at the bottom of the table, Mumbai Indians have been one of the best IPL teams. They currently have five titles under their belt. With a strong core of players including Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, and Suryakumar Yadav, they have the potential to bounce back strongly in IPL 2024.

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Another best team of IPL is Chennai Super Kings. While they had a below-par season in IPL 2022, finishing with their lowest win percentage in history, Chennai Super Kings have historically been the most successful IPL team, with a win percentage of over 57%. Led by the experienced MS Dhoni, they have a knack for performing under pressure and could stage a strong comeback in the upcoming season.

Other teams like Delhi Capitals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Kolkata Knight Riders cannot be discounted either. Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bangalore have been consistently performing well in recent seasons, while Kolkata Knight Riders have shown glimpses of brilliance.

Ultimately, the team that can maintain consistency, handle pressure situations, and perform as a cohesive unit will emerge IPL 2024 winner.

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