Is IPL scripted or are matches played fairly?

sThe IPL has been around since 2008, providing loads of action to cricket fans across the world. Currently, Chennai Super Kings, or CSK, are the defending champions although the dynamics could change this IP 2024 season. Matches are held across various venues in India, offering high-octane results and some thrilling moments that are etched in the hearts of cricket enthusiasts. However, a question that is asked once in a while is “Is IPL scripted?.” While this does not serve justice to the numerous players, staff, and the management of the IPL, this article looks to provide an explanation of whether the IPL is scripted or not.

Is IPL scripted?

Is the IPL scripted? Definitely not. IPL matches are highly competitive and involve real-time action. Contrary to what many sceptics may think, IPL matches are played under fair rules and regulations. So much so that even the possibility of match fixing is almost nearly eliminated. That said, there is no guarantee that bookies don’t play a role in determining the outcome of IPL matches. However, based on available information, there have not been many instances of match fixing.

The Indian Premier League ensures that the highest standards of cricket are followed, which is why players from across the globe are usually keen on being part of this competitive league. To sum it up, for those wondering “Is IPL scripted?” it certainly isn’t.

Is IPL commentary pre scripted?

Besides the question of whether the IPL is scripted, some have also wondered is IPL commentary pre scripted. However, that is not the case. In fact, it is almost impossible for a commentator to pre-determine what course of action will take place over the next few balls in an IPL match or any other cricket match for that matter.

The Indian Premier League tends to maintain the highest standards of cricket. However, there has been discussion of its fair play. The league provides real-time cricket action that has been broadcast through major sports channels. This makes it nearly impossible for any of the games to be pre-determined.

IPL scandals over the years

While match match fixing has been far and rare in the IPL, there are some instances of corrupt activities occurring. Let’s take a look at some prominent instances:

Spot-fixing scandal in 2013

Considered to be one of the biggest controversies in IPL history, there were certain players, including three from Rajasthan Royals, who were arrested aftre being charged of spot-fixing. The allegations involved the players accepting money to bowl no-balls during the course of the match.

Betting scandal in 2015

In what came as a rude shock for cricket fans, CSK and RR were suspended from the IPL for a period of two years after being accused of being involved in a betting scandal in 2015. Both team’s owners were believed to be involved in certain illegal betting activities. As a result, they were arrested on match-fixing charges.

Ball-tampering scandal in IPL 2018

Another unexpected incident that occurred in 2018 was during a match between Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight Riders. RR skipper Ajinkya Rahane was accused of trying to change the ball condition during the match. As a result, he was slapped a fine and banned for one match.

More IPL scripted allegations

Despite the IPL organisers trying to prevent match fixing and corruption, there have been other instances of alleged match-fixing, spot-fixing, and corrupt activities. Some of the most prominent accusations have involved players being paid to perform poorly. Also, certain team owners have tried to change the match results, along with numerous betting operations which are considered to be illegal.

Over the years, the IPL organisers and the BCCI have been taking various steps to ensure that there are no instances of match fixing or corruption. In fact, they have attempted to punish any activities that may tarnish the image of the league. As such, in recent seasons, most IPL matches have been played fairly without the involvement of any prominent names and figures.

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