IPL stumps price: Know the Cost of IPL Led Stumps

The Indian Premier League, or IPL, has become one of the most lucrative sporting events globally. Beyond the on-field excitement, there is a fascinating economic undercurrent that fuels the IPL’s success. One aspect of this economic landscape is the price of the iconic IPL stumps.

That said, let’s look at the IPL 2023 and 2022 stumps price and shed light on their symbolic value. Note that data for the IPL stumps price for previous seasons is not available.

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Season Stumps price
IPL 2023 Rs. 32-41 lakh (Zing stumps and bails)
IPL 2022 Rs. 2.95 lakhs approx. (Zing)

Significance of IPL stumps

Stumps are the ultimate target for bowlers and the focal point for batsmen. Traditionally made of wood, they are placed at each end of the cricket pitch. In the IPL, the stumps used have LED lights on the bails to make life easier for the umpires in-match.

The IPL stumps used in matches are sometimes signed by players and auctioned off as memorabilia, providing fans with a connection to the league. The prices of these stumps revolve around various factors, including the match’s significance, players involved, and the overall buzz around the IPL.

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Here are some major factors that influence the IPL stumps price:

  • Match importance: – Stumps used in high-stakes matches, such as playoffs or the final, tend to command higher prices. – Memorable moments associated with a specific match contribute to the stumps’ historical value, impacting their price.
  • Player signatures: – Stumps signed by star players or cricketing legends fetch premium prices. – Signatures add sentimental value for fans, making the stumps a cherished collector’s item.
  • Team rivalries: – Matches featuring intense rivalries often result in stumps acquiring symbolic importance. – Stumps from iconic clashes between traditional rivals can command higher prices due to the historic context.
  • Historical significance: – Stumps from matches with record-breaking performances or historic feats garner attention and higher bids. – Moments etched in cricketing history, such as a player achieving a significant milestone, contribute to the stumps’ economic value.

IPL stumps features

The latest innovation in cricket is the introduction of flashing stumps and bails. These LED-enabled wickets are powered by low-voltage batteries. They assist umpires in making accurate decisions during close runout or stumping calls. Moreover, they enhance the visual appeal of the game for broadcasters.

Each bail is equipped with a microprocessor that detects the separation between the bails and stumps. The bails light up within a fraction of a second, providing instant and clear visibility of any dismissals.

Despite the benefits, such technological advancements come at a cost. The flashing stumps and bails can be expensive. All along, the price of IPL stumps is not something that most would have thought about or discussed. However, during an IPL match in 2023 between Punjab Kings and Mumbai Indians, Arshdeep Singh broke the stumps twice.

Soon, it was reported that each set of these stumps was priced at around Rs 30 lakhs, leaving fans stunned.

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Why do stumps have LED lights?

Not long ago, it was difficult for even the third umpire to see if the bails were completely removed from the stumps during a close runout or stumping.

While Rs 30 lakh might sound like a lot for three sticks or a set of stumps with bails, it’s valuable for cricket because it helps in making accurate decisions. This is crucial for leagues like the IPL and international cricket tournaments.

The BCCI doesn’t always buy the stumps. They have a contract with Australian company Zing International Pte Ltd and rent the stumps for the IPL and other international matches. The flashing stumps and bails were first introduced in the IPL in 2016.

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For the IPL in 2022, BCCI made a deal with Zing International Pte Ltd for Rs 2.184 crore. That season featured 74 matches, and the cost of stumps for each match was around Rs 2.95 lakh. The LED bails used in the IPL would cost around Rs 50,000, as per reports.

The International Cricket Council began using flashing stumps and bails in 2014 during the ICC T20 World Cup in Bangladesh after testing it in Australia’s Big Bash League. Since then, it’s been a crucial part of cricket tournaments worldwide.

The cost of LED-enabled stumps varies based on brands, design, and other factors. In the end, technology and innovations come with a price. But as long as they help in making the right decisions and contribute to the game’s development, it is worth the cost.

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