Bhikari Team in IPL: All you need to know about

The term bhikari team in IPL (Indian Premier League) refers to a team that has struggled to consistently perform well or secure victories. The term is derived from the Hindi word “bhikari,” which means poor or beggar. It is used in a humorous manner to describe a team less privileged than its counterparts in the league. Let’s look at some of the bikhari teams in the IPL and why they have been listed in this article.

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List of bhikari teams in IPL

In the highly competitive and glitzy world of IPL, franchises have star-studded line-ups and massive fan bases. However, the term “bhikari team in IPL” has been used to highlight certain challenges faced by a franchise. Here are some bhikari teams in IPL:

Bhikari teams in IPL


Punjab Kings Punjab Kings has tasted mixed success in the Indian Premier League. However, they have failed to create a significant impact in the league over the last few seasons. Some weaknesses observed in their IPL campaigns include lack of bowling consistency, challenges with overseas player selection, middle-order instability, death bowling struggles, team composition challenges, captaincy issues, fielding issues, and inability to close out tight matches.
Sunrisers Hyderabad Sunrisers Hyderabad have been a competitive side in the IPL, but have had their share of weaknesses that have impacted their performances. This makes them another bhikari team of the IPL. Some of their weaknesses include middle-order batting concerns, over-reliance on foreign players, limited all-round options, death bowling concerns, limited firepower in powerplays, injuries to key players, and poor strategic decisions.
Delhi Capitals Delhi Capitals have gone through a transformation in recent IPL seasons. However, they have faced their share of weaknesses, making them another bhikari team in IPL. Delhi Capitals have struggled with middle-order instability, injury concerns, death bowling, spin bowling depth, balacning their overseas players, inconsistent captaincy, pressure to perform in big matches, and not utilising their talent well.
Lucknow Super Giants Despite being one of the best IPL teams, Lucknow Super Giants has not finished in the league’s top two rakings. While not exactly a bhikari team in IPL since they’re relatively new, their main concern is with the batting order. They have not been able to finish crucial matches due to their batters’ inability to convert scores.

Reasons some teams labelled bhikari team in the IPL

“Bhikari teams in IPL” often find themselves at the lower end of the points table. They grapple with inconsistency in performance and struggle to make a mark in the tournament. Here are some factors that place them in the list:

  • Financial limitations can be a significant factor contributing to a team’s “bhikari” status. Unlike some of the more affluent franchises that can afford to splurge on high-profile players during the auction, these teams often have budgetary constraints that hinder their ability to acquire big names. As a result, they may have to rely on relatively lesser-known or emerging players.
  • The concept of a “bhikari team” also extends to the challenges faced by franchises in attracting top-tier international players. While the IPL has players from various cricketing nations participating, not all teams can afford to sign renowned international stars. This can result in an imbalance in the team composition, affecting the team’s overall appeal.

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However, success in the IPL is not determined only by the amount of money spent during the auction. There have been instances where less fancied teams with a combination of experienced and emerging players have made a significant impact in the league.

In the IPL, unpredictability is a factor and underdog teams have the ability to spring surprises. Some franchises labeled as bhikari teams may have managed to turn their fortunes around in subsequent seasons.

Unpredictable nature of IPL is a factor

It’s essential to approach the term bhikari team with a sense of nuance. What might be a struggling team in one season could emerge as a formidable force in the next, showcasing the unpredictable nature of T20 cricket.

The concept of a bhikari team in the IPL highlights the challenges faced by certain franchises in the league. All this in the backdrop of a tournament dominated by glitz, glamour, and financial power. While lack of proper finances contributes to a team’s struggle, the right mix of strategy and talent is crucial.

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This term, although labelled on a team with humour, adds an intriguing layer to the narrative of the IPL, where surprises are just as common as stellar performances.

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