Orbit Exchange Commission

Orbit Exchange is among the world’s largest online betting exchanges introduced as an alternative to betting with bookmakers while offering better features along with higher odds and profits. Orbit Exchange reviews have been positive during its short but successful appearance.

What is the Orbit Exchange commission?

Orbit Exchange accounts generally have a 3% commission on winnings. Also, there is no commission charges on losing bets placed on the exchange. These benefits make Orbit Exchange one of the best sports betting exchanges at present.

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Orbit Exchange benefits

With Orbit Exchange, punters have the option to bet across a wide range of sports events that include cricket, football, tennis, basketball, wrestling, and baseball, with several other disciplines.

A unique feature with Orbit Exchange is the pre-match betting system that allows bettors to place bets on various teams, players, and score days even before the event starts. Bettors should bear in mind that the exchange operator has the freedom to set the date before the portal is opened for customers to place bets.

One more positive feature with Orbit Exchange is that bettors do not need to pay any commission upon losing bets. The ‘Cash Out’ button enables users to lock their profits or loss even before the match or event is over.

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About Orbit Exchange brokers

Orbit Exchange brokers are licensed and are legitimate agents who partner with startups. Startup ventures tend to get the best markets and profits while seeking a broker’s exchange services. Also, the market liquidity is in its favour, which means bookmakers are welcome to approach them and use Orbit Exchange brokers.

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Q. What service cost does Orbit Exchange charge?

Ans. Orbit Exchange does not charge any costs for its services.

Q. Does the exchange make a profit?

Ans. The exchange generates its turnover on sportsbooks and various betting exchanges. It also receives a referral payment fee made by firms providing the service to bet brokers and betting platforms.

Q. What documents are needed to sign up for Orbit Exchange?

Ans. A customer will be required to provide photo identification (passport, citizen card, or photo driving license) along with proof of address (electricity bill, credit card bill, bank statement). A bank statement of the account where the funds will be transferred to/from will also be required.

Q. What payment methods are offered?

Ans. Deposits and withdrawals are made through bank transfer. There are also several other payment methods include net banking, credit card, debit card, and UPIs. Users will receive our bank details after setting up their bank account details.

Q. What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount?

Ans. The minimum deposit is €10 or an equivalent currency to the amount depending on your country of residence. The minimum free withdrawal is set at €10.

Q. How do I make withdrawals?

Ans. Orbit Exchange’s withdrawal process is simple. Customers will simply need to request their withdrawal amount through the Orbit Exchange official website.

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