Introduction to Orbit Exchange brokers

Established in 2017, Orbit Exchange is one of the fastest-growing betting platforms. Introduced as a substitute for Betfair, bettors today prefer Orbit X for what it offers. This article provides an introduction Orbit Exchange brokers and their role.

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Who are Orbit Exchange brokers?

Orbit Exchange brokers play a pivotal role in the world of online sports betting. These intermediaries connect bettors with the Orbit x Exchange platform, facilitating a seamless and efficient betting experience. They offer valuable services such as account management, guidance on betting strategies, and access to sporting events and odds.

These brokers often have expertise in the betting industry, enabling them to assist bettors in making informed decisions. Additionally, they can provide insights into market trends. This helps bettors maximise their potential winnings. Overall, Orbit Exchange brokers serve as trusted partners for customers looking to engage in sports betting.

What is Orbit Exchange?

Orbit Exchange is a sports exchange operator. Licensed by the Curacao e-Gaming Authority, it is one of the most reliable and popular betting exchanges in the world today. 

As a first-time user looking to tap into online sports betting, there are many ways and means. Direct betting sites such as Orbitx Betting or Betfair have brokers that can help you get started.  These sites are reliable and provide the best liquidity, while offering ease of betting through brokers.  

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What to expect from Orbit X?

Generally, bettors expect a few things from online betting sites. Here’s a look at the benefits and characteristics of Orbit Exchange:

1) Wide range of sports and markets

Orbit Exchange sports include cricket, football, basketball, tennis, American football, athletics, rugby, horse racing and motorsports. 

2) Out of the box odds and betting options

Following the European odds format, Orbit Exchange offers highly competitive odds, meaning it is easier to analyze and understand them. The platform increases users’ profitability rather than squeezing cash out of them. The Orbit Exchange commission rate is 3%. 

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3) Popular payment methods

Orbit betting exchange offers methods such as net banking, debit/credit cards, UPIs and sometimes, crypto currency payments. For crypto payments, Orbit Exchange has various agents based in different parts of the world who offer all types of payment options.

4) Introduction of casino and poker room

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, the number of bettors looking to place bets and compete increased. It was during this period that Orbit Exchange decided to include casinos and poker in their betting market. Aside from sports bets, users can get casino games such as Baccarat, Hold’em, Blackjack, Hi-Lo and Card Derby Racing. It also offers the option for live casino which is suitable for individuals who prefer real-time betting. This ranks it among the best betting exchange sites.

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5) Improved UI/design

While Orbit Exchange offers features similar to that of Betfair, one noticeable difference is the user interface and website design. Orbit X exchange has an impressive front end site that is highly responsive and is easy to navigate. The site is optimised for smartphones and tablets.

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1. What documents are required to register with Orbit Exchange?

Ans. First time users must produce photo identification in the form of passport, citizen card, or photo driving license, along with proof of address. A bank statement of the account where the funds will be transferred to/from is also required.

2. What is the service cost with Orbit Exchange?

Ans. Orbit Exchange does not charge any service cost.

3. What payment methods are offered?

Ans. Deposits and withdrawals are typically made via bank transfer. Other payment methods include net banking, credit card, debit card, and UPIs. Upon setting up their bank account details, customers will receive our bank details.

4. Is there a minimum deposit and withdrawal amount?

Ans. The minimum deposit is €10 or an equivalent currency amount depending on one’s country of residence. The minimum free withdrawal is €10.

5. How do I withdraw my earnings?

Ans. The withdrawal process is simple. Users will need to request their withdrawal amount through the official Orbit Exchange website.

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