Orbit Exchange account: What is it all about?


Orbit Exchange is an online marketplace where punters bet against each other and is an alternative to a bookmaker, where players bet against the platform. Orbit Exchange has a number of advantages over bookmakers, making it a preferred choice for a large number of punters when compared to most sportsbook markets. 

About Orbit Exchange

Orbit Exchange is popular for its large liquidity across a wide range of sports betting markets that cover disciplines such as cricket, football, tennis, and basketball, along with several other sports, all at competitive prices. In recent times, Orbit Exchange reviews have been largely positive and has a number of agents based in different parts of the world.

Orbit Exchange reviews have been positive since its introduction in 2017 due to the unique features it offers. Orbit Exchange reviews have shown that punters suffer significantly lower financial due to the low risks, while profits are potentially higher than with a bookmaker.

With Orbit Exchange, players can place several exchange bets across a multitude of sports and markets, offering bettors the opportunity to maximize their profits.

Orbit Exchange account benefits

Orbit Exchange is different from Betfair on various levels. The user interface and the Orbit Exchange commission charges on bets won vary between the two platforms while the only identical feature is the liquidity and odds.

A minimum bet of €7 or its equivalent currency value can be placed by punters on Orbit Exchange, although players have the choice to negotiate their rates with the agent/broker offering an Orbit exchange account.

Agents typically charge a commission rate of approximately 3 percent with Orbit Exchange, which is comparatively lower than that on Betfair.

Since there are no premium charges with an Orbit Exchange account, professional punters have been transitioning from Betfair to this platform, as once can save a significant amount of money over time.

Users should note that agents could impose a higher Orbit Exchange commission rate of up to 6 percent if your Orbit Exchange account is unable to yield them targeted profits. They could also limit your account features to prevent you from being overexposed beyond a certain slab.


Q. What are the documents required to sign up for Orbit Exchange?

Ans. Users need to produce their photo identification (passport, citizen card, or photo driving license) along with proof of address. Proof of address could be in the form of an electricity bill, credit card bill, or bank statement. A bank statement of the account where the funds will be transferred to/from is also required. Information is not shared third parties without the customer’s consent.

Q. What is the service cost?

Ans. The service is free of cost. Orbit Exchange does not charge any premium fees.

Q. What does Orbit Exchange gain?

Ans. Orbit Exchange generates turnover on sportsbooks and betting exchanges, while receiving a referral payment fee made by firms that provide the service when made to bet brokers and various Orbit Exchange software platforms.

Q. What payment methods are offered?

Ans. Typically, deposits and withdrawals are made via bank transfer. Other payment methods include net banking, credit card, debit card, and UPIs. Customers will receive our bank details while setting up their bank account details.

Q. What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount?

Ans. A minimum deposit of €10 or equivalent currency value depending on the country you reside in will be required. The minimum free withdrawal is €10.

Q. How can I withdraw my winnings?

Ans. Orbit Exchange offers a straightforward withdrawal process. Customers will be required to request their withdrawal amount through the official Orbit Exchange website. 

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