Betting on Orbit Exchange with crypto

Orbit Exchange crypto is a great alternative to Betfair and has witnessed an increasing flow of punters using this exchange to back and lay bets. Since its formation in 2017, the positive Orbit Exchange Betting reviews indicate that it has become a preferred choice for bettors across the globe.

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Introduction to Orbit Exchange crypto

There are numerous reasons why crypto Orbit Exchange reviews have been good with bettors. Although the primary reasons are the fairly attractive prices, high liquidity provided and the positive approach towards long-time winners. Moreover, Orbit Exchange crypto offers various sporting events for bettors to bet on. Orbit Exchange sports includes cricket, football, basketball, tennis, boxing, baseball, cycling, horse racing, greyhounds, esports, ice hockey, American football, motorsports, darts, and a whole lot more.

Orbit Exchange crypto commission

Crypto Orbit Exchange has a flat commission of just 3% on winning bets. This makes it lower than the 5% charged by Betfair. Thus, Orbit Exchange customers can save a lot of money especially if they are placing high stakes. Orbit Exchange also has a minimum stake of €6 on both back and lay bets. These features make it one of the best betting exchange sites.

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How to access and sign in to crypto Orbit Exchange

Some punters may be confused about how to access a crypto Orbit x Exchange account and sign in. Other doubts about how to deposit via crypto and start wagering are also common. 

Orbit Exchange crypto can only be accessed through a broker. This basically means that first time users will have to sign up with an agency before they can benefit from the payments offered and Bitcoin transactions.

Through a betting broker, Orbit Exchange customers can deposit and withdraw funds almost instantly via Bitcoin. However, the brokerage or betting agent will facilitate all payments on your behalf which means that users cannot access Orbit Exchange crypto directly neither will they be able to make transactions on their own.

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Depositing funds into your Orbit Exchange crypto account

The easiest way to deposit funds into your Orbit Exchange crypto account is by choosing a crypto trading service and opening an account with them. It is important to sign up with a renowned crypto exchange as it will allow you to buy and sell various cryptos including Bitcoin. Users will need to connect their crypto exchange account to a payment method, and upon completion of verification, they will be able to purchase cryptocurrencies. To start wagering your Orbit Exchange crypto account, follow this process. The Orbit Exchange commission is also very transparent and considerably lower than its competitors.

The safest and most transparent way of making payments in the platform is via bank transfer or a prepaid card. This is because exchanges typically charge a certain fee per transaction. If the trading amount is low, the fee could be a flat sum. Usually, a certain percentage of the trading amount is charged. In such situations, credit cards add to the processing fee over the predetermined transaction fees.

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Q. How to place a back bet on Orbit Exchange?

Ans. Select the amount you would like to wager to place lay and back bets through Orbit Exchange for the profits to be displayed. A back bet has a liability equal to the stake amount, which means you could lose more money than you risked.

Q. Can I choose my odds on Orbit Exchange?

Ans. Odds provided by Orbit Exchange are suggestions that are most likely to be accurate. If you want to place a wager at odds higher than those recommended by the exchange, or if you feel other players are willing to match your wager at odds that appear more favorable, you can set your own stakes.

Q. What are Unmatched Bets?

Ans. Unmatched bets are available to interested bettors. Amounts and pricing provided tend to fluctuate in real time as changes take place during a match or event.

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