How to bet with your own odds on Orbit Exchange

Betting odds on Orbit Exchange are generally favorable for the platform’s customers. It is an online marketplace that differs from traditional betting platforms. Through Orbit Exchange, players bet against each other rather than against the platform, which is the case when betting with a bookmaker. Additionally, there are various benefits and features offered, thus, increasing its popularity with bookmakers around the world and contributing to positive Orbit Exchange reviews.

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How to bet with your own odds on Orbit Exchange

Setting your own odds on Orbit Exchange is fairly simple. Add your selection to your bet slip, and choose between a back and lay bet. Then, enter your desired odds in the Odds box.

Note that not every bet will be matched and you must have someone on the other side of your bet willing to accept your price.

If you like to bet during a match, it is advised that you wait for odds to reach a certain level before eventually placing your bet. This is part of an effective decision-making strategy when setting your own odds. If horse racing is the sport you’re betting on, it is important to understand the individual characteristics of each horse before deciding on your bet. 

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There could be a horse does not sprint quickly in the early stages of a race, which could lead many to believe that it has a lower chance at that stage rather than pre-race. Thus, instead of waiting for the odds to rise, all you need to do is ‘place an order’ at the desired odds and simply wait for your bet to be matched by other bettors on the market.

This will provide you opportunities to trade and maximize your profit even before the event or in-play action begins. 

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Benefits of signing up with Orbit Exchange

Orbit Exchange customers looking for competitive liquidity in markets with the ‘lay’ and ‘back’ betting options will enjoy using this platform. Bettors can trade and maximize their profits as a match/event is in progress and even before the event has commenced. The platform is also accommodating to long-term winners and arbitrage bettors. As of now, there is no Orbitx Betting Exchange software or app, and players will simply need to head to the official website to sign up and begin competing. The good thing about Orbit X is that it only charges a 3% commission on the total winnings, which is lower than its competitors. 

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What is a back bet?

A back bet lets players choose the outcome of a game while deciding the stake, making it somewhat similar to a bookmaker. In simple terms, placing a back bet on Orbitx bet means betting your money on a horse, team, or individual to win.

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What is a lay bet?

Instead of betting against the platform, players ‘lay’ a bet against the outcome of a game. With a lay bet, players can bet on both the underdogs and favorites to double their possible profits. Orbit Exchange customer can bet on the team expected to win, and place an additional bet against the losing team. With a lay bet, however, bettors are matched with other punters across the betting exchange.

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Q. How do I sign up for Orbit Exchange?

Ans. First-time Orbit Exchange customers must produce their photo identification and proof of address with a back date of up to three months. Customers also need to provide a bank statement of the account where the funds will be transferred to/from.

Q. What is the service charge?

Ans. There are no service charges or premium charges with Orbit Exchange.

Q. Does the exchange gain any benefits?

Ans. The exchange generates turnover on sportsbooks and betting exchanges, and receives a referral payment fee made by firms providing the service when made to bet brokers and Orbit Exchange software platforms.

Q. What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount?

Ans. There is a minimum deposit of €10 or equivalent currency depending on the country of residence. Meanwhile, the minimum free withdrawal is €10.

Q. How do I withdraw my winnings?

Ans. With Orbit Exchange, the withdrawal process is straightforward. Customers will need to request their withdrawal amount through the official Orbit Exchange website before receiving their funds.

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