Best betting exchange websites

Introduction to a betting exchange

In a Betting Exchange, gamblers compete against each other and are given the option to ‘lay’ (post odds) or ‘back’ (bet on) the outcome of an event. A betting exchange offers several benefits if one were to compare it to a bookmaker, although the only drawback is that there are limited markets on offer.

Betting exchange history

Unlike bookmakers, who have been operating for over 200 years, according to sources, the first exchanges were introduced in the early 2000s by Matchbook, and Betfair. 

Bet-Football and Orbit Exchange currently lead the betting exchange market. Betfair is another renowned company in the market.

A betting exchange allows bettors to bet on the outcome of a particular event. Exchanges are similar to bookmakers in certain ways, although the major differences would be that users have the option to ‘back’ (buy) or ‘lay’ (sell) the outcome of a match/event. The bets are placed while trading in real-time during a live event, allowing bettors to cut losses or earn profits. 

Another difference between an exchange and a bookmaker is that the latter generates revenue by offering less efficient odds, whereas exchanges earn money by charging a small commission on bets that bettors have already won.

Back and Lay bets

An exchange has two types of players, one who places a ‘back’ bet, and the other a ‘lay’. 

In back bet, a bettor can choose the outcome of a game and decide a stake. This is similar to placing bets with a bookmaker.

With a lay bet, players bet against an outcome of a match or event. Punters can bet on a team to win against their opponents, while also placing additional bets against the losing team, thereby doubling their profits. When laying a bet, a bettor is matched with other players on the exchange.

Betting exchange websites offer the ideal platform for punters looking to compete across a wide range of markets thanks to the features they offer.

Best betting exchange sites

Listed below are the best betting exchange sites:

Bet-Football – Competitive winnings

– No premium charges

Orbit Exchange – Zero premium charges and convenience to use the marketplace

– Unique, affordable, and highly competitive

Indibet – Low minimum deposit of ₹100

– Real-time cricket score updates for easier in-play betting

Smarkets  – Top Betfair alternative in India

– 2% Commission on winnings

Crickex – Excellent cricket betting exchange site

– Pay with UPI + 24×7 Customer support

Dafabet – Easy process flow to place back and lay bets

– Ready stats and livestreaming available

Matchbook – Excellent market coverage

– Live chat support

Fun 88 – Pay with Netbanking, UPI, GPay, Visa, Mastercard

– Excellent cricket betting exchange site for beginners

Pari Match – Brand new betting exchange

– Brilliant website design and UX


Q. What is a betting exchange?

Ans. A betting exchange allows players to lay a bet through an online betting platform with the possibility of leaving the market any time. Players compete against each other rather than against a bookmaker.

Q. What are the best betting exchange strategies?

Ans. There are a number of betting exchange strategies that depend on certain markets and odds to enter and exit the market if a profit is earned or losses are minimised. Strategies can range from laying the tie, to bet the overs, and dutching.

Q. Can I make money on a betting exchange?

Ans. Of course. A betting exchange allows players to earn cash in the long-term provided the right money management methods are followed and important rules and operating methods have been learnt.

Q. What is Cash Out?

Ans. Cash out is a mathematical calculation that divides the profit across all markets to obtain a certain amount of profit before the conclusion of a match or event. This is the difference between a betting exchange and a traditional bookmaker.

Q. What are the best betting exchange sites?

Ans. A number of popular websites offer betting exchanges including Betfair, Smarkets, Betflag, and Matchbook, along with many more.

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