How to place back bet on Orbit Exchange?

Orbit Exchange is an online marketplace that allows punters to bet against each other and it is different from a bookmaker, where players bet against the platform. It comes with several advantages over bookie sites, which makes it the preferred choice for a large number of bettors as compared to usual sportsbook markets. Another major advantage Orbit Exchange holds over many of its competitors is the option to back and lay bets, offering punters an opportunity to double their money.

Orbit Exchange holds an advantage thanks to its large liquidity across a large  range of sports betting markets covering cricket/football/tennis/and basketball, along with other disciplines at competitive prices. The reviews have been quite positive in recent times.

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Since its introduction, Orbit Exchange reviews have been positive as the platform puts forth its unique features. Orbit Exchange reviews indicate that bettors have claimed that the risk of financial loss is significantly lower while potential profits are higher than with a bookmaker.

Features of Orbit Exchange account

Orbit Exchange offers a wide range of features, which is why Orbit Exchange reviews have been receptive in recent years. A minimum bet of €7 or its equivalent can be placed by bettors on Orbit Exchange, and players can negotiate their rates with the agent or broker that is offering an Orbit exchange account.

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Most agents charge a commission rate of around three percent with Orbit x Exchange, which is lower than on Betfair. Due to this, many professional bettors have been fading away from Betfair, and have made the shift to Orbit Exchange since a significant amount of money can be saved over time.

Players should, however, keep in mind that some agents could impose a higher Orbit Exchange commission rate of around six percent if your Orbit Exchange account fails to yield them significant profits. Other agents might also limit your account features.

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 ‘Cash Out’ button in Orbit Exchange allows you to lock a profit or loss even before an event is over. Matched bets can be ‘Cashed Out’ by using this button.

Benefits of signing up with Orbit Exchange

Orbit Exchange is ideal for punters looking for competitive liquidity in markets with the ‘lay’ and ‘back’ betting options. Bettors can trade and maximize their profits as a match or event is in progress and even before the event has commenced. The platform is also accommodating to long-term winners and arbitrage bettors. As of now, the players will simply need to head to the official website to sign up and begin competing.

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What is a back bet on Orbit Exchange?

Here there are two types of players; one who places a ‘back’ bet and the other who places a ‘lay’. A back bet, players are able to choose the outcome of a match or event while deciding the stake, which is similar to placing bets with a bookmaker. 

Whereas to place a back bet, bettors need to click on the price next to the selection of their choice. 

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The player will then be required to insert their preferred stake in the stake box, following which the potential profit is displayed in the Bet-Slip. With back bets, potential profit is equal to the stakes (odds -1).

Once their selection has been confirmed, press the ‘Place bets’ button that offers bets that can be returned as unmatched, partially matched, or matched.

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Q. What documents do I need to sign up for Orbit Exchange?

Ans. The requirements that a customer needs to produce are  their photo identification (passport, citizen card, or photo driving license) along with proof of address (electricity bill, credit card bill, or bank statement). You will be required to provide a bank statement of the account where the funds exercise.

Q. Is there a service cost?

Ans. The service is free and there are no premium charges with Orbit Exchange.

Q. What are the payment options?

Ans. Deposits and withdrawals are usually made via bank transfer or payment through net banking or credit card or debit card or even UPIs. Customers will receive our bank details while setting up their bank account details.

Q. What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount?

Ans. minimum deposit: €10 or currency equivalent depending on the country you reside in is required. The minimum free withdrawal :€10.

Q. How do I withdraw my earnings?

Ans. Orbit Exchange withdrawal process is simple. Customers will need to request their withdrawal amount through the official website.


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